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Ian Tomlinson Curriculum Vitae

Model making:
Old London Bridge Model – The Peddler of Swaffham
Agatha Christie’s Poirot Set Model
Studio Set Design Model (Television Entertainment Show)
Studio Set Design Model 1 (Film)
Studio Set Design Model 2 (Film)
Medieval Cottage Design Model
Victorian Location Alterations Model
Prop making – Soul Searcher – Fake Gravestone and Chains
Prop Making - Plasma Grenade
Prop Making – Book
Airship Concept Design Model
Experimental Creature Sculptures

Airship Corridor Interior Storyboard
O2 Rugby Campaign Storyboard Cells
Rock Show Storyboard

Reproduction 1920’s Prop Newspaper
Bus Shelter Graphic
Reproduction 1950’s NHS Poster
Pub and Club Music Posters
Abandoned House Photoshop Edit
Faintheart Viking Graphics
Faintheart Viking Longship Model Box
Torchwood Alien Technology Blueprints
Torchwood Circus Ticket
Torchwood Circus / Freak Show Banners
Freak Show / Circus Posters
Children’s Waiting Room Mural

Art Direction:
National Film and Television School NFTS Kodak Commercial
Soul Searcher Feature Film Location Set
Soul Searcher Art Director
National Film and Television School NFTS Animation Set
NFTS Studio Film Set Photo 1
NFTS Studio Film Set Photo 2
NFTS Studio Film Set Photo 3
NFTS Studio Film Set Photo 4

Concept Design / Illustration:
Creature Concept Design
Town Location Set Concept Sketch
Creature Concept Drawing
Corridor Set Concept Visual
Airship Concept Design Elevations
Airship Concept Perspective Drawing
Igloo Set Concept Visual
Bedroom Set Concept Drawing
Temple Creature Concept Elevation
Forest Set Concept Drawing
Forest Concept Visual
Ship Cabin Interior Film Set Concept Visual
Clockwork Cell Film Set Concept Visual
Creature Concept Sketch
Beast Attack Film Set Concept Visual
Stream Robot Concept Elevations
Fantasy Temple Film Set Concept Visual
Horror Creature Concept Design

Working Drawings:
Studio Film Set Elevations
Forced Perspective Film Set Drawing
Sci-Fi Film Stage Plan
Sci-Fi Film Set Elevations
Chapel Gate Film Set Working Drawing


The Dark Side Of The Earth Homepage

Dark Side Of The Earth Set Design:
The Training Room Set Sketch
The Training Room Set Visual 1
Film Set Concept Design Sketches and Stage Plan
Set White Card Sketch Model
The Training Room Set Visual 2
AutoCAD White Card Set Construction Model
Set Construction Workshop
Floor Crest Concept Design Illustration
Floor Crest Film Set Still
Wooden Crest Sculpture Concept Illustration
‘The Dark Side Of The Earth’ Film Set Still 1
‘The Dark Side Of The Earth’ Film Set Still 2
‘The Dark Side Of The Earth’ Film Video

Maximillian Clarke – Special FX Costume:
Concept Design Sketches
Colour Concept Design Elevations
Final Concept Illustration
FBFX Costume Construction Video
Special FX Costume Set Still

The Wooden Swordsman:
Concept Design Sketches
Concept Design Sketches 2
Wooden Swordsman Creature Concept Model and Video
Final Swordsman Concept Design
The Wooden Swordsman Working Drawing
The Model Unit Swordsman Construction Photographs
Swordsman Drawing and The Model Unit Video
Swordsman Props Detail Drawing
Puppeteering Test Video and Head Concept Sculpture
The Wooden Swordsman Film Set Still